Chinese Hi Fin Banded Shark

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Chinese Hi Fin Banded Sharks

Small: 3-4 inches in length

Medium: 4-5 inches in length


The Chinese high fin banded shark, (Myxocyprinus asiaticus) grow to over three feet long and should be kept in a large pond, over 1,000 gallons. Chinese high fin banded sharks are middle and bottom-tank dwellers. They have a peaceful temperament and are described as exhibiting playful and clown-like swimming manner. They are known to change color depending on their mood. In its natural habitat, Chinese high fin banded sharks are known to reach up to three feet long. However, they are slow-growers and may live up to 25 years while in captivity. Chinese high fin banded sharks are frequent food searchers. They are omnivorous and can be fed with dried, live and frozen food. They accept flaked food. brine shrimp, vegetables and bloodworms.